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For West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Lake Park, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

At Snowden Electric, we are proud to offer condo electrical repairs to condominiums in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Lake Park, and the surrounding areas. With a team of licensed, insured, and experienced electricians, we tackle even the most complicated repairs, installations, and replacements.
Owning and operating a condominium is a significant responsibility. From ensuring safety to keeping tenants happy, condo ownership demands attention to detail. When it comes to electrical repairs for your condo, you should never have to go it alone. Not only are condo electrical repairs and multi-resident electrical services complex, but they can also be extremely dangerous. It’s best left to the professionals!

Condo Electrical Service in West Palm Beach

Condo electrical repairs may include:

Condo Electrical Repairs for Bus Duct, Switchgear, and Main Breaker Replacement

We are equipped to handle even the most complex condo electrical repairs and replacements, including bus ducts, switchgear, and main breakers.

Bus Duct Replacement

Bus ducts refer to electric power distribution systems made of sheet metal that conduct currents of electricity. This unique structure reduces system costs and can increase capacitance. If busways are old and outdated, call a professional for bus duct replacement as soon as possible. Our electricians are skilled in bus duct replacements for condominiums, and our careful planning reduces downtime for condo guests.

Switchgear Replacement

Switchgear replacements involve modernizing and reconditioning circuit breakers used in switchgear technology. While switchgear typically lasts 20-25 years, replacements are needed when it’s time to upgrade or when voltage is insufficient for your condominium’s needs. This lifespan is reduced if switchgear hasn’t been properly exercised yearly. Snowden technicians can also service your switchgear on a scheduled basis to prolong its life.

Main Breaker Replacement

Your condominium’s main breaker is its powerhouse, so it needs to be in excellent condition. If you need a main breaker replacement, the signs include overheating, burning, melted wires, strange sounds, and more. If you suspect your condo requires a main breaker replacement, contact us today for service or a quote.

Retrofit Bolt Locks for Condominiums

Retrofit bolt locks are ideal for condominiums. Bolt locks, if not properly exercised, can seize up, making it difficult to establish power during re-engagement. Replacing bolt locks eliminates this risk. Our technicians have extensive experience in retrofit bolt lock installation for homes and businesses in Lake Park, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Jupiter, and surrounding areas.
For over four decades, we’ve been the preferred choice for electrical repairs and retrofit bolt lock installations in South Florida. Dedicated to getting the job done right the first time, we offer efficient condo electrical repairs and services. Contact us today for more details about retrofit bolt locks to keep your condo safe and secure!
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