Our Unique Range of Comemrcial Services

40/50 Year Recertification

Ensure your commercial property meets the required safety standards with our comprehensive 40/50 year recertification services, providing peace of mind for building owners and managers.

Condo Electrical Service

Specializing in condominium electrical systems, we deliver tailored solutions to address the unique electrical needs of condo associations and residents.

Construction Electrician

Our skilled construction electricians provide expert electrical installations and wiring services for new construction projects, ensuring quality workmanship and adherence to building codes.

Commercial Electrical Installation

From small businesses to large enterprises, we offer professional electrical installation services tailored to your commercial space, enhancing safety, efficiency, and functionality.

Commercial Electrical Safety

Protect your business and employees with our comprehensive commercial electrical safety inspections and services, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and minimizing electrical risks.

Commercial Interior Lighting

Illuminate your commercial space effectively and enhance productivity with our custom-designed interior lighting solutions, tailored to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Enhance security and curb appeal with our commercial outdoor lighting installations, creating a welcoming and safe environment for customers, employees, and visitors.

Commercial Landscape Lighting

Highlight the beauty of your commercial property with our landscape lighting solutions, designed to showcase architectural features and landscaping while providing added security.

Onshore Marine Electrical

Trust our expertise in onshore marine electrical services, providing reliable electrical solutions for marinas, boatyards, and waterfront properties, ensuring safety and compliance with marine regulations.

Licensed and Trusted Commercial Electrical Services

At Snowden Electric, we bring years of expertise and integrity to every commercial electrical project. Our licensed electricians are committed to providing superior service, ensuring the electrical efficiency and safety of your business operations.
Trust Snowden Electric for all your commercial electrical services. Contact us today to discuss our comprehensive offerings and how we can support your business with reliable electrical solutions.

Why Choose Snowden Electric

Time Effecient

We pride ourselves on providing timely, efficient, and dependable ensuring your project is completed with highest standards.


Our services are designed to be cost-effective, offering value-driven solutions without compromising on quality or safety.


We are committed to a customer-focused approach, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

Our Industry Partners

Powering Communities

Partner with us as we power the communities we serve.

Together we can make a greater impact; building stronger families & better futures.

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