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Serving Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Martin County, Stuart, FL, and Nearby Cities

Snowden Electric excels in every phase of the construction process, from inception to completion. With over four decades of experience, we’ve designed, installed, and serviced countless buildings and structures, ensuring excellence every step of the way. Whether it’s residential homes or full-service facilities, we’re committed to delivering superior electrical solutions.
Equipped with cutting-edge technology, we provide comprehensive electrical services, including advanced security options and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. Our services extend beyond installation, offering continued support to meet the evolving needs of your facility.

Construction Solutions:

Construction Inspections

Our seasoned electricians work closely with general contractors from project inception, aiming to implement electrical systems that maximize efficiency and minimize costs throughout the lifespan of the structure.
Trust Snowden Electric for unparalleled expertise and reliability in construction electrical services.
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